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Do you want to change you life? Does your heart and soul need the upgrade that you’re forgotten to upload for the past decade or so? Well then best you get your frazzled out head and backside to the majestic Kingdom of Nepal.

Before entering the only word you need to know is word Namaste !!! It means something along the lines of “I welcome the Good spirit within your soul”

The ‘Namaste’ greeting with genuine respect warms the spirit within from the first moment. And this warm greeting has never faded as in some tourist hotpots of the world.

There are many distinct ethnic groups in Nepal and the mixing between the Hindu and Buddhist religions are harmonious, leaving one with a special peaceful feeling.

Experience the fabulous temples in the cities in Kathmandu valley with their exquisite wood and stone carvings, tho somewhat damaged in the 2015 earthquake, still very special. Then circumambulate clockwise the Buddhist stupas of Syambodnath, the monkey temple, and Bodnath with the Buddha’s eyes atop the huge dome. Tibetan monks and ordinary Buddhist people walk around the stupa day and night, spinning prayer wheels and chanting their prayers and mantras, while Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the wind as the watching eyes of Buddha gaze from atop the stupa.

Or just sit in one of the many lovely cafes and people watch. The passing parade of aging hippies, dream filled  travelers, the  spectacular coloured clothing of the Nepalese women, wandering sadhus and Tibetan monks, mix in a kaleidoscope of colour that your camera cannot resist.

Wander the terraced fields of living permaculture or trek one of the world famous trekking routes. Trek the Khumbu region with a local Guide to Everest base camp and stand in awe of the massif of Everest, Chomolungma to the Sherpas, towering over three kilometers above you, with the Khumbu glacier omniously dropping from the flanks of Everest. You will never forget it. and the most famous trekking to route of Nepal In Annapurna Himalaya region.

Or an easier trek, the the largest rhododendron forest in the word in March while it is a in riotous bloom of red. Or perhaps a more serious trek to Mardi Himal base camp and gaze at perhaps  the most beautiful mountain in the world, Machhapuchhare, fish tail mountain, and just sit transfixed for hours with it’s beauty of nature .

If tiger and wildlife spotting is your dream, visit the forests and jungles of Chitwan National Park / Bardia National Parkand later visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.

Nepal will enchant you and leave you with a special memories that never fade. Be mesmerised by it’s many beauties and perhaps you too will be one of the many that just have to return.

The biggest change in Nepal besides population growth, and that is worldwide, is in the higher standards of hygiene and comfort available. From independant travellers and trekkers, or  the knowledge and experience of guides in group tours, the best paragliding in the world or white water rafting and, of course, serious mountaineering, Nepal has it all. Namaste.Wel come to Nepal